Greetings JoinUO Users, Some time ago a talented friend of mine who goes by the name Felladrin (Fel for short) helped me re-create a shard list for JoinUO. Sadly, this friend has moved onto other projects and has not been in contact with me for quite some time.

During JoinUO's rebrand, I had the help of Dante from UO Evolution. He assisted me by providing servers and pretty much whatever we needed to get the job done. Sadly, I took a few steps away from Dante and UO Evolution and decided to pursue my own ideals of what a shard should be. I wanted to create something truly unique. I can't thank Dante and Felladrin enough for their help - without them JoinUO would not exist. At this time Dante is the primary domain name holder for JoinUO, I will be turning over all of the old forum files to him and branching out to my own project, titled "UO Portal"

UO Portal will feature software very similar to how the original Mrfixit's UOGateway functioned, though I have made many updates to provide better security and patch downloads - I truly believe this will allow players freedom to play on whatever shard they choose without the need to download multiple UO clients. At this time I would like to invite any remaining members of the JoinUO community to assist me on UO Portal.

I would also like to shed my involvement of JoinUO and I wish whoever steps up in my absence the best of luck! It truly is a fantastic community of players.

All of the original shards/accounts shall remain - though the forums have been rebuilt as the originals did not fully belong to me and thus I have no claim to take them with me. I will provide those to Dante and his team to do with what they choose.

Thank you for all of your support and hard work, I hope to see you on UO Portal and JoinUO collectively!

- Kyn